Fire Risk Assessments

As from 1st October 2005 The Regulatory Reform Order has now made it compulsory for almost every company and organisation to conduct a fire risk assessment.

Premium Fire Protection offers this service along with staff awareness training & fire warden training.

Although Fire Risk Assessments have been made compulsory by law at Premium Fire we don’t believe this to be just a tick box exercise. Companies and organisations adopting this approach are possibly putting themselves, their workforce and others using their premises at risk.

Premium Fire can provide a full professional fire risk assessment of your premises to fully meet your Fire and Safety requirements in terms of prevention and protection and ensuring full compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Our experienced and highly trained fire risk assessors will visit and complete the fire risk assessment on your behalf to help with legislative compliance, however we don’t just send you a report to gather dust, we will take the time to also explain the following:

  • What has changed in the law to provide an understanding of what it all means.
  • Any significant findings of the assessment, explaining the best and most cost effective way of rectification to ensure that you comply with the legislation.
  • Personal contact for support on all fire related issues following your assessment.
  • All of our assessments are completed using the British Standards Institute PAS79 methodology and template.
  • Reports are provided in PDF and word format allowing them to be electronically stored and easily transmitted to any interested parties.

Policies & Procedures

We suggest that companies and organisations incorporate their recommended fire safety measures into creating polices and procedures which staff can refer to and use on a daily basis, by making fire safety part of your internal management process you are safeguarding the protection of your workforce the public and ensuring business continuity.

Premium Fire also provide a wide range of environmentally friendly onsite fire training and fire warden courses, and ongoing support measures that enable organisations to fully comply with their statutory and moral obligations within the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

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